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Large crowds at the Opry

Spiritwood’s “Grand Ole Opry” was another huge success, with crowds of “over 300” and “under 400” combining to form an estimated 700 people who took in one or both nights of the popular country music show. April 25

April 25, 2014

Report from the Legislature

As Canadians we are free to speak without fear, worship in our own way, oppose what we feel is wrong and choose who should govern us. Read more on page 3

Income tax reflections

American speaker and corporate advisor Mary Lore was reflecting this week on doing her income taxes – the deadline for filing in the US is the 15th – and she came up with a novel angle on the annual process most of us dread. She sees it

Rurals need to share good economy news

For all the talk about the Saskatchewan economy slowing down, it sure doesn’t look that way in of late. Read more on page 5