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“What’s with the dog?”

“So, what’s with the dog?” Read more on page 4

Trudeau fulfills promise, but vets pay the price

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, each of these vastly different holy celebrations seems… Read more on page 4

2018 set to be a pivotal year for Sask. politics

The easiest prediction in 2018 is that it will be a pivotal year in Saskatchewan politics. Read more on page 5

Time running out on use of glyphosate

The clock may be ticking on the future of use of glyphosate to control a range of weeds in a number of crops. Read more on page 7

Quips plentiful in 2017

Greg Cote of the Miami Herald: “Want the exact definition of ‘your football career is over’? Read more on page 11